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Connecting Bitbucket Server to an existing LDAP directory Feb 11, 2019 LDAP Integration - Oracle With LDAP, user accounts are maintained in one place only, using the IT infrastructure in Microsoft Active Directory (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol or LDAP). This integration enables efficient maintenance of user accounts from one central location and enables login to OPERA without having to manually configure individual accounts in OPERA. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol - Wikipedia Dec 05, 2001 LDAP Authentication against AD - PostgreSQL wiki

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LDAP and Active Directory authentication in RStudio Jun 11, 2020 Next Active Directory Integration – WordPress plugin Description. Next Active Directory Integration allows WordPress to authenticate, authorize, create and update users against Microsoft Active Directory.NADI ist a complete rewrite of its predecessor Active Directory Integration and therefore an own plugin. You can easily import users from your Active Directory into your WordPress instance and keep both synchronized through Next Active Directory

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Active Directory Integration- Extend AD Identities w JumpCloud’s Active Directory® Integration extends AD identities from on-prem domain controllers to IT resources that are difficult to bind with AD. The integration enables users to log in securely to cloud-based and non-Microsoft resources with their AD credentials. Enterprise Active Directory Integration | LastPass