Who’s Listening When You Talk to Your Google Assistant

Apple Siri Eavesdropping Puts Millions Of Users At Risk Jul 28, 2019 Google exec says Nest owners should warn guests they're Google's Nest smart devices are always listening — their microphones detect loud noises and cameras track sudden movements in a home, and can start automatically recording at any time.

Is Your Phone Recording Your Conversations? The Answer

Amazon and Google are listening to your voice recordings. Here's what we know about that. First Amazon admitted it -- now Google says it's listening, too. Is Google always listening: Live Test - YouTube Apr 12, 2018

Jun 01, 2016

Aug 16, 2019 Is Google listening to me all the time via my Android Well, no. But Google does listen to and store your voice records after you've hit the Voice Search button. Google has a dedicated page were you can listen to all the voice searches you've ever performed. Head over to https://history.google.com/history/audio to view the long list of recordings.