The IBM Research Healthcare and Life Sciences team is dedicated to exploring and developing new methodologies and improving processes for a broad range of health care challenges. From how we can help in the diagnosis of diseases, to managing population health, or a better understanding the human genome, the team blends a broad set of disciplines such as biology, chemistry, data analytics, AI

IBM Healthcare Clients Put Big Data into Action. Big Data and UCLA tackle brain trauma “The field of big data analytics is evolving to include new kinds of data from sources such as medical monitors, giving us insights into patients that weren’t previously possible,” said Martin Kohn, MD, chief medical scientist, IBM … IBM Watson for Medical Coding - MedDRA Medical Coding Process. Before IBM Watson implementation • Medical coding is a labor -intensive, repetitive work • 17 FTEs • Increasing coding volume expected caused by −Acquisitions −New therapeutic areas −Increase of indications −More clinical trials −Higher sales figures IBM Research | Haifa

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One of the first programs Sidra used the IBM technology platform was for the Qatar Genome Programme (QGP) 1.The QGP is a large national genome medical research project, which aims to develop personalized healthcare therapies for the Qatari population. IBM's Watson is better at diagnosing cancer than human

Medical Sieve, an IBM Research Grand Challenge, led by Dr. Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood ( aims at developing a cognitive assistant system for radiologists and cardiologists that acts as a medical sieve filtering and quickly detecting anomalies using holistic clinical information derived from imaging, text and clinical data.

For nearly 50 years, IBM Micromedex® solutions have been a source of evidence-based medical information for clinicians worldwide. Today, Micromedex has been enhanced with the AI of IBM Watson™, so healthcare providers can get answers quickly and efficiently. Malvika Sinha - SMS Deliverable Specialist - IBM | LinkedIn I am a Medical Microbiology graduate, MBA Hospital Administration, Lead Auditor ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, LEAN Six Sigma Green Belt. Business Analytical Insights for IBM India