Jul 31, 2018

How to Create a Desktop Shortcut. When you install most software programs they will either ask you if you want a shortcut on the desktop or they'll just put one there. Create Desktop Icon Settings Shortcut in Windows 10 Feb 17, 2018 How to create a Desktop Shortcut of a CMD Command in Windows

Apr 02, 2019

Dec 27, 2019 How to Create a Desktop Shortcut in Windows | Techwalla Right-click on an empty spot on the desktop and select Shortcut to create a new shortcut. Step 7 You can create shortcuts to Control Panel elements. Image Credit: Image courtesy of Microsoft If you know the path to the file, type it into the field; otherwise, click the Browse button, select the file and click OK. How to Create a Desktop Shortcut: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

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c# - Create a shortcut on Desktop - Stack Overflow Create a shortcut on Desktop. Ask Question Asked 9 years, 5 months ago. Active 1 month ago. Viewed 130k times 104. 36. I want to create a shortcut pointing to some EXE file, on the desktop, using .NET Framework 3.5 and relying on an official Windows API. How can I do that? Create Shortcut for Display on Desktop in Windows 10 Steps to create shortcut for Display on Windows 10 desktop: Step 1: Right-click blank area on the desktop, point at New in the menu and select Shortcut in the sub-list.. Step 2: Type the location of the display file (i.e. c:\windows\system32\dpiscaling.exe) and tap Next to continue.. Step 3: Enter Display to name the shortcut and hit Finish to create it.. For your reference, the shortcut How to make "My Computer" Shortcut icon on Windows 10 Desktop