And the uTorrent imports another UDP based Micro Transport Protocol, called uTP. History. In April 2001 Bram Cohen designed the BitTorrent protocol, which he implemented summer 2002. The first program to use the protocol was the original BitTorrent client. Today many applications are availiable, and the protocol is widely used. Protocol

Micro Transport Protocol – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre Micro Transport Protocol ou µTP (às vezes também grafado como uTP) é uma variante aberta baseada em UDP do protocolo de compartilhamento de arquivos ponto a ponto BitTorrent destinado a mitigar problemas de latência e outros problemas de controle de congestionamento encontrados no BitTorrent convencional sobre TCP, enquanto fornece entrega confiável e ordenada. Wikizero - Micro Transport Protocol Micro Transport Protocol, ou µTP, est une variante du protocole de partage de fichiers en pair-à-pair BitTorrent basée sur UDP au lieu de TCP. Adoption [modifier | modifier le code] µTP est implémenté dans plusieurs clients BitTorrent dont µTorrent, Vuze, KTorrent, qBittorrent et Transmission. Voir aussi [modifier | modifier le code]

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It is still an accepted assumption that most Internet traffic is transmitted via the TCP protocol. However, the rise of new streaming applications and P2P protocols that try to avoid traffic shaping techniques will likely increase the use of UDP as a transport protocol. We evaluate the amount of UDP and TCP traffic, in terms of flows, packets and bytes, on traces collected in the period 2002 E.Z.N.A.® Micro RNA Kit | Omega Bio-tek Overview. The E.Z.N.A.® Micro RNA Kit combines the reversible binding properties of the HiBind® matrix, a new silica-based material, with the highly efficient lysis ability of RNA-Solv® to extract micro and large (>200 nt) RNA from a wide variety of starting materials. Micro Transport Protocol — Вікіпедія

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Micro Transport Protocol, or uTP for short, is a way of allowing traffic to re-arrange itself so things don’t get so jam-packed. It’s like when you hack your commute by working for a few hours Syslog message formats | Deep Security Transport protocol: Name of the transport protocol used. proto=tcp proto=udp proto=icmp smac: srcMAC: Source MAC Address: MAC address of the source computer's network interface. smac= 00:0E:04:2C:02:B3: spt: srcPort: Source Port (For TCP and UDP protocol only) Port number of the source computer's connection or session.