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Clear recent searches from the Search bar | Firefox Help , click Historyand select Clear Recent History…from the History menu. In the dialog box that opens, choose Everythingfrom the Time range to clear:drop-down menu. Make sure that Form & Search Historyhas a check mark next to it and remove check marks for any items you don't want to clear. Click the Clear Nowbutton to finish. Delete And Hide Porn Search Entries On Internet Explorer Delete past search entries from your search engine or forms you have filled in the past. This process will delete all past search entries, from search engines and forms you have submited and it will also show you how to prevent the entries from saving and displaying again on its own.Microsoft, windows, hack, trick,network, repair, troubleshoot Make your computer Faster. How to clear or remove recent search history (search cache If you have Kutools for Outlook installed, its Clear Search History feature can help you quickly remove all recent search cache with several clicks only in Outlook.. Kutools for Outlook: Add more than 100 handy tools for Outlook, free to try with no limitation in 60 days. Read More Free Trial Now. 1.Click Kutools > Search > Clear Search History.. 2.A Kutools for Outlook dialog will pop out and

How to Remove Any Previous Searches on Bing & Google. Every time you perform a Web search, you send information to someone else's computer. This happens because Microsoft and Google own the

Delete History Free - How to Clear all the Browsing And with that, all that you ticked in the boxes is no more. Easy as that. How to Delete Google browsing History. To delete the history it on all parts of your searches of your account you have many activity controls. These are the steps: Locate "My Activity". At the upper right, select 'More' and then 'Clear activity by'.

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How to Delete Search History from the Kindle Fire HDX Open the Silk Browser app on the Kindle Fire HDX. Then tap the three horizontal lines in the upper … How To Delete Your YouTube Search History - YouTube Oct 10, 2013